Kayaks are Fine for Fishing

Self-proclaimed “granola” Woody Callaway sighs as he dips his paddle on the Green River at sunset.

“This work is sooo hard,” he says, laughing.

The founder of Liquid Logic, a kayaking company based in Hendersonville, N.C., knows that kayaking isn’t always about serene moments. Taking a kayak down class 5 rapids produces a rush of adrenaline that makes espresso seem like Kool-Aid.

Though testing out new kayaks on the lake is hard to classify as “work,” there is a lot of effort and intelligence invested into the designing and testing of each manufactured kayak that Liquid Logic produces.

Unlike a large boat, you don’t need a grandiose vehicle with extreme horsepower and an expensive dolly to take a kayak to the ocean or lake. There are no worries about running out of gas; as long as your arms work the kayak will get you to where you are going, he says. There is even storage space for overnighters who want to paddle out to an island and set up camp for a weekend.

The company is progressing gracefully and has recently merged with friends and former competitor Legacy.

“Fishing is the fastest growing segment of kayaking, so that is why we came up with the Trekreation series,” said Woody.

“I know guys that will hook into bull reds out in the ocean and actually get towed for a mile or so,” said Woody. Despite the low weight of the kayaks they have excellent stability and are easy to control — perfect, he says, for a day on the water.

To learn more, visit www.liquidlogickayaks.com

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