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A win for solar! FERC protects net-metering

When we heard that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) was seeking public input on whether to end net-metering as we know it, we turned to you. We asked for your help in telling FERC how important it is for people across the Appalachian region to participate in net-metered solar.

Thanks to your input – and to that from hundreds of organizations, utility regulators, and elected officials across the United States – FERC chose not to undermine your valuable solar energy contributions to the grid, and dismissed the petition of the New England Ratepayers Association (NERA) to make net-metering illegal.  

Read about FERC’s unanimous decision

We are deeply grateful to you, our many renewable energy proponents who contacted your governors about this important issue and who allowed us and the Southern Environmental Law Center to represent you in our formal comments to FERC. A more equitable and more sustainable energy system is founded on the ability of people like you to make your preferences for cleaner and more affordable energy known.

A transplant to Southwestern Virginia from the Midwest, Emily engages with communities and works to build a more equitable and sustainable energy system as our Virginia Energy Democracy Field Coordinator.

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