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New App Allows Citizens to Report Sediment in Waterways

A new smartphone app called Muddy Water Watch empowers any user to report sediment pollution across the United States. Users can take a photo of water pollution, provide a description and use location technology to submit the report to the nearest environmental watchdog organization, such as a local Riverkeeper group. The app is the latest extension of Muddy Water Watch, a program sponsored by North Carolina Riverkeepers. Hartwell Carson, the French Broad Riverkeeper, paired up with Shiny Creek, an Asheville-based web and mobile application development company to create the app.

Muddy Water Watch intends to fight sediment pollution, the number one reason for poor water quality in North Carolina.

Carson said that they are adding riverkeepers into the system on the state level first, but any report across the nation can still be submitted to him.

“There had been a region and statewide effort to train citizens to monitor sediment, but the largest hold-up was recording tools,” says Carson. “This is simple and greatly improves our ability to record.”

The app is available on iTunes and Google Play. — Hannah Petersen

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