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Let’s Get Wild: It’s National Wildlife Week!

By Madison Hinshaw, Communications Editorial Intern in Spring 2012.

Did you know that the rhinoceros beetle can lift objects up to 850 times their weight? Or that the blue whale’s songs can reach up to 200 decibels (a jet’s engine at 100ft. is only 100 dB)? How about that the southern cricket frog can vertically jump 60 times its body height — that’s like a person jumping up a 38-story building!

These amazing creatures are only a few out of the 45 that will be explored and celebrated this week as the National Wildlife Foundation hosts its annual National Wildlife Week. Founded in 1938, National Wildlife Week is the longest education program in the NWF. It is a part of the NWF’s Be Out There Campaign, an event designed to connect families and communities to nature and develop a life-long appreciation for the wildlife.

Students, adults, children and the community can participate and all that’s required is an internet connection and the passion to explore our country’s diverse wildlife.

During this adventurous week, the NWF will provide online projects, activities, lesson plans, articles and webinars to explore fascinating creatures and their habitat for anyone to use. From planting trees to logging wildlife sightings and reporting them online, this week is action packed from start to finish.

This year’s theme is “EXTRA-ordinary” wildlife species, and participants will explore the wildlife from five different angles: innovative defenses, record breakers, super senses, survival in unusual habitats and special adaptation.

This week also provides an opportunity to help the NWF in its conservation work by making a donation on the Wildlife Week website. So if you feel like taking a trip to the extreme, EXTRA-ordinary side, here’s the chance to learn about these incredible animals and give back and help the wildlife in your community.

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