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Nally & Hamilton Case Continues in State Court

Yesterday Appalachian Voices along with our partners Kentucky Riverkeeper, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, and Waterkeeper Alliance challenged the recent settlement between Nally & Hamilton and the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet in state court.

Click here to see the press release with more information on this newest development.

Click here to see the how the case has developed.

Click here to view the state court petition.

Several Kentucky news outlets covered this development. Click the links below to see the news articles.
Ronnie Ellis for the Daily Independent
Erica Peterson for WFPL Public Radio
Bill Estep and Beth Musgrave for the Lexington Herald-Leader

An expert kayaker with a serious passion for protecting our waterways, Eric served as our Water Quality Specialist for the Appalachian Water Watch team from 2010 to 2015.


  1. dahlia llama says:

    If you really want to see streams cleaned up in the Appalachians, why not address all the raw sewer and garbage dumped in streams daily by individuals. Everything is always some company’s fault. I have lived here most of my life, I canoe and fish these rivers and my job involves looking at people’s property on site, so I see first hand what is going on. All mining could stop today and the rivers would be no cleaner in 10 years than they are now. You people want to end all mining and burning coal and you will do or say anything to achieve it.

  2. dahlia llama says:

    Go ahead and moderate it, you probably won’t post it anyway

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