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Click Click Snap Away Photographers!

Snap away photographers! The Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition is underway and it’s perfect weather for walking, hiking, biking and poking around the outside world with your camera.

As you wander around with your camera during the upcoming months, pay special attention to the category sponsored by Appalachian Voices called “Our Ecological Footprint.” Perhaps you come across a tree root overtaking some manmade object, an abandoned trail cut through the woods or some industrial practice that is harming the environment. The point is to show how we as a species have impacted the natural world. Look around at what inspires you.

Don’t forget your other categories as well: Adventure; Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas; “The Parkway Tree Project,” (Blue Ridge Parkway Share the Journey® annual category); Culture; Flora and Fauna; and Landscape.

There will be $4,000 dollars in cash and prizes offered in the competition. Appalachian Voices is offering a $200 prize for the winner of the “Our Ecological Footprint” category. Last year’s winning photo was of the TVA coal ash spill in Roane County, Tennessee.

There is a $6 entrance fee per photograph and you have until December 17 at 5:00pm to submit pictures. Visit for more information.

An avid reader, hiker and dog lover, Jillian served as Associate Editor of The Appalachian Voice and Americorps Communications Outreach member from 2010-11.


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