Strong Support at Wind Stakeholders Meeting

Appalachian Voices recently partnered with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Catawba College Center for the Environment to host a successful North Carolina Wind Energy Development Stakeholders meeting.

Participants came to the meeting to address concerns about developing wind energy in North Carolina. They represented groups from a variety of interests, including, landowners, county government representatives, state regulatory agencies, members of rural county and development boards, local renewable energy initiatives, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

“At Appalachian Voices, we believe a diverse group of interested citizens in North Carolina can benefit from responsible commercial wind development across the state,” said Austin Hall, Appalachian Voices’ North Carolina field organizer.

The meeting culminated in the drafting of a statement of action that provided a guiding set of principles regarding wind energy. The document stresses the economic vitality of building a sustainable, renewable energy future for North Carolina. It also emphasizes the need for responsible development.

According to the resolution, “…North Carolina has important scenic, cultural, historic, and ecological resources that should be protected and preserved as the state develops its wind resources.”

Seven organizations have already agreed to utilize the resolution as a tool to continue building efforts in support of responsible wind energy development in Western North Carolina. These organizations include Appalachian Voices, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy (AIRE), Acciona, Small Wind Certification Council, World’s Edge Renewables, and American Energy System (AES).

The document is a foundation for sharing information about wind opportunities and environmental protections with our state political leaders, interested parties and decision-makers, and the media.

For more information, contact Austin Hall at or call 828-262-1500.


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