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Pickers of all Ages to Take the Stage at RiverFest

By Parker Stevens Parker served as Development Associate for Appalachian Voices from January 2010 to December 2011, coordinating our membership and directing two Riverkeeper festivals for the organization. She left to head up the Appalachian Women’s Fund based in Boone,


Vulcan’s Boone Quarry Pollution Problem

Last night I was driving home, and noticed that Laurel Fork (along Hwy 105, just outside of Boone) was running a grayish color. I tracked down the source of the gray water, and it turned out to be the discharge


Boone Limits Coal Tar Sealants- Fish and River Lovers Celebrate

Last night (February 15) the Boone Town Council passed strict new regulations aimed to limit the impacts of coal tar based asphalt sealants. Coal tar based asphalt sealants are terrible for the environment and have serious human health effects because


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