Impact Report 2020

The past year has been a landmark period in Appalachian Voices’ nearly 25-year history of combating fossil fuels and accelerating the shift to an inclusive clean energy economy.

At long last, we celebrated the demise of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which posed a distinctive threat to communities in its path, to the climate, and to our vision for the future. We won game-changing clean energy and environmental victories in our states, removing barriers to distributed solar energy and erecting them against fracked-gas projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline and MVP Southgate. We advanced legislation in Congress to revitalize coal-impacted communities and we helped design and promote the blueprint for a national economic transition that is now shaping the White House’s agenda.

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How we advance our region’s clean energy transition

Building a New Appalachian Economy

…by steering state and federal investment toward ecologically sound development and bringing beneficial projects to fruition

  • Community-led revitalization for a national economic transition
  • Solar energy breakthroughs in Southwest Virginia
  • A land restoration economy takes root


Promoting Equitable Clean Energy

…by countering electric utilities’ agendas and securing policy solutions that make clean energy accessible and affordable

  • Breaking Dominion’s grip on Virginia’s energy policy
  • Challenging Duke Energy’s agenda in North Carolina
  • Pressing for public utility reform in the Tennessee Valley


Fighting Fracked-gas Pipelines

…by deploying grassroots power, policy advocacy, and legal challenges to prevent new investments in dirty energy

  • Grassroots power defeats the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
  • Legal setbacks for the Mountain Valley Pipeline imperil MVP Southgate


Addressing Coal’s Costly Legacy

…by internalizing the cost of mining and holding the industry accountable for its damage to communities and the environment

  • Watchdogging bankruptcies in an industry on the brink
  • Confronting the threats of past and future abandoned mines
  • Extending benefits for victims of black lung disease



A summary of our 2020 financial impact. For a readable version, click through to the PDF

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Our Commitment to Racial Justice and Equity for All

As we strive to preserve a healthy environment and transition to a more just economy for our region, Appalachian Voices is equally committed to upholding the rights of all of our region’s people. We intend to honor our duty to past, present, and future generations by pursuing equity as both a moral and strategic imperative. We acknowledge that environmental justice and racial justice are inextricable, and that any legitimate vision of climate justice is contingent on realizing them both.

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