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Dan Radmacher

Dan is Appalachian Voice's Media Specialist. Previously, he worked as an opinion journalist for newspapers in Illinois, West Virginia, Florida and Virginia, and then as a communications consultant for a number of environmental nonprofit organizations.

A woman with short, graying hair wearing pants and a long, green jacket stands in a pasture with fields and rolling hills behind her.

Woman Says Pipeline ‘Wrecked’ Farm

Construction for the Mountain Valley Pipeline damaged Karolyn Givens’ farm, and she says neither the state of Virginia nor the company have been able to repair the land and water.

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This aerial satellite photo looks down on a fissured earthen dam.

Mine Cleanup Concerns Grow As Industry Declines

The decline of the coal industry is exacerbating failures of the current federal system to ensure that mines are cleaned up.

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A desolate patch of disturbed ground sits as a result of an abandoned surface mine.

How the Coal Mine Cleanup System is Failing

The bankruptcy of coal company Blackjewel has exposed many flaws in the current mine cleanup system.

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Men work with solar components

How a Pipeline Battle Led an Advocate for Formerly Incarcerated People Into Solar Workforce Development

Richard Walker of Bridging the Gap in Virginia is working to make sure vulnerable communities are not left behind in the green energy transformation.

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Under TVA's plan, smokestacks at the Cumberland Fossil Plant would continue to spew pollution into the air. Photo by Angie Mummaw

The Tennessee Valley Faces Crossroads Between Methane Gas or Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s plan to transition away from coal has generated significant push-back from environmental and community groups because of its reliance on methane gas instead of renewable energy.

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Orange water in a shallow stream

Seeking to Expand the Impact of Massive Federal Investment in Cleaning Up Abandoned Mines

Following the $11.3 billion investment in abandoned mine cleanup in the infrastructure law, the administration released spending recommendations and a related acid mine drainage cleanup bill passed the House.

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Virginia Governor Aims to Remove State from Greenhouse Gas Initiative

In 2021 Gov. Glenn Youngkin campaigned on a…

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Hundreds of Miles of Streams Designated as Critical Habitat for At-risk Crawfish

To protect the threatened Big Sandy crayfish and the endangered Guyandotte River crayfish, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service formally designated 446 miles of Appalachian streams and rivers as critical habitat.

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Revelation Surface Mine

Blackjewel’s Catastrophic Bankruptcy and the Collapse of the Mine Cleanup System

Blackjewel’s bankruptcy demonstrates how the mine cleanup system is coming undone — and how nearby residents bear the burden when coal companies fail to repair their damage.

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Virginia Gold Rush

Residents fear a dangerous open-pit gold mine will open in Buckingham County before the Virginia General Assembly acts.

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