Written by Emma Kelly


Emma Kelly

Emma is our New Economy Field Coordinator. She is passionate about bringing in as many voices as possible to help build a sustainable and just future for Appalachian communities from the ground up. Emma currently lives in Lee County and loves hiking, gaming, and spending time with her husband and cat.

Investing in what matters: Federal funding to kick off community-led resiliency projects

As spring bursts into bloom in the mountains, Appalachian Voices is officially launching Building Community Resilience in Virginia’s Coalfields, a new project funded through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Grant.

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Community, culture and creation: Working to bring new investments into the coalfields

Beginning in January 2023, four local environmental and social justice organizations held a series of community listening sessions, one in each coalfield county in Southwest Virginia.

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Creating community-informed economies in the coalfields

The listening session process raises the exciting possibility of building new communal systems that support the workforce and create equitable opportunities for Southwest Virginians.

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