Va regulators warns of higher bills wtih Dominion’s latest plan

The State Corporation Commission today issued a press release stating that it has approved Dominion Energy’s long-range plan, which it had previously rejected and asked the utility to revise. The SCC held that the new “Integrated Resource Plan” met the minimum legal requirements, but warned that it would significantly increase customer’s monthly bills, writing: “We do not… express approval in this Final Order of the magnitude or specifics of Dominion’s future spending plans, the costs of which will significantly impact millions of residential and business customers in the monthly bills they must pay for power.”

Tom Cormons, Executive Director of Appalachian Voices:
“This SCC opinion is sounding an alarm bell that Virginia’s elected officials and candidates need to hear. The commission’s mission is to protect consumers, but it’s operating within a system that Dominion and its friends in the General Assembly have rigged to boost the company’s corporate profits at the expense of Virginia families and businesses.”