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Mountain Valley Pipeline impacts halt construction; rollbacks for Atlantic Coast Pipeline revealed

Northam administration must act following string of regulatory failures

BREAKING: Developers of the Mountain Valley Pipeline announced today that they are suspending construction activities of the project in Virginia. Citizens have repeatedly called on the state to order a halt of construction due to dozens of documented violations of the state’s water quality standards. Today’s announcement comes on the heels of news yesterday that, at Dominion Energy’s request and without public input or knowledge, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries rolled back key protections of trout and endangered species habitats from impacts of Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction.

Statement from Appalachian Voices Executive Director Tom Cormons:

“This underscores the need for immediate and decisive action by the Northam administration. This temporary pause does not obviate the need for a formal stop-work order while the state conducts the stream-by-stream analysis for both pipelines that candidate Northam promised.”

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