Virginia Delegates face a choice on Tuesday: Dominion Energy or Virginia families

CONTACT: Tom Cormons, Executive Director,, (434) 981-6506

House Minority Leader Del. David Toscano has been a critical voice in the debate over HB 1558.

The Virginia House of Delegates this evening narrowly rejected a measure that would have protected Virginians from having to pay as much as $50 billion in the coming years to Dominion Energy to bury electric power lines. The measure was an amendment proposed by Delegate Sam Rasoul to the massive, controversial Grid Transformation and Security Act of 2018 (HB 1558) that would restructure electric utility rates. The House will vote on the bill tomorrow.

The State Corporation Commission, Attorney General’s office, as well as Appalachian Voices and numerous other entities have highlighted that the bill carries billions of dollars in unfair costs for Virginians, primarily for customers of Dominion Energy.

A statement from Executive Director Tom Cormons:

“Tomorrow, lawmakers will have to decide whether they are voting to protect Virginia families and businesses or to protect Dominion’s profits. As now amended, this bill still contains egregious provisions that will cost us significantly over the long term, far more than the current rate freeze.

“Virginians in growing numbers have voiced outrage over Dominion’s ongoing grab for power and money. We commend the numerous legislators who carried those voices to the floor of the House this evening and opposed this latest ratepayer rip-off by the regulated monopoly.”

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