Va. utility regulator finds fault with electric rate bill

Cat McCue, Communications Director,, 434-293-6373

The State Corporation Commission today released its second analysis of legislation pending in Virginia’s General Assembly regarding electric rate restructuring. Today’s analysis was issued at the request of Sen. Chap Petersen on a substitute bill that passed the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee earlier this week. The SCC’s first analysis was issued February 5 on the original legislative proposal. See Appalachian Voices’s statement here.

Statement from Appalachian Voices Executive Director Tom Cormons

“Once again, the SCC finds that Dominion’s legislation would impose enormous costs on Virginia families and businesses. The fundamental premise of the bill still allows Dominion to over-earn at such a magnitude that it would effectively extend the rate freeze.

“As the SCC says, the bill allows Dominion to charge the average ratepayer up to $20,000 to bury power lines and strips the commission of its authority to determine whether those expenditures are reasonable or in the public interest.

“It’s high time our lawmakers hold Dominion accountable. The legislature must reject this current bill and keep working to bring true energy justice to Virginia’s families and businesses.”