Solarize Wise (Va.) running strong with Sigora Solar on board

Lydia Graves, Solarize Wise Program Coordinator,, (276) 679-1691

These photos (here and here) are available to download and print. Caption: Solar thermal hot water system on the roof of the Duffield Regional Jail in Scott County, Va. Photo credit: Christine Gyovai.

Solar panels on roof of jail

Solar panels on roof of Duffield Regional Jail in Southwest Virginia. Photo: Christine Gyovai.

In the last several months, more than 45 people have taken the first step toward going solar by signing up for a free assessment of their homes, farms, or businesses. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, said program coordinator Lydia Graves, an AmeriCorps member with the nonprofit organization Appalachian Voices.

“We’ve heard from people that they were interested in solarizing their home, but they didn’t know of any businesses serving the area before we launched Solarize Wise. Other people who have looked into solar in the past but couldn’t afford it are now revisiting the idea because the price has dropped so dramatically, and it makes financial sense for them.”

Similar “solarize” programs are taking off around the country. They serve to connect a municipality or community group with a local company to perform all the solar installations for people who buy solar systems during the the solarize campaign. The installer is able to offer lower prices because they get bulk purchase discounts on materials and solar equipment. It also helps the solar company save money on marketing and advertising.

Sigora Solar was selected for Solarize Wise after submitting a proposal detailing the company’s experience, licenses, products and competitive pricing model. Solarize Wise participants are being offered a price about 20% below regular market rates for solar.

“Now is the ideal time to jump on board,” Graves says. “If you’re a solar energy novice, don’t worry. Sign up for a free home assessment and Sigora will walk you through the basics and help you decide is solar is right for you.” She noted that the service ends on September 29 and encouraged citizens to get learn more by visiting the website.

In 2013, Sigora helped save Southwest Virginia taxpayer money by installing a solar hot water system on the Duffield Regional Jail. That project came in 15% under budget and was finished ahead of schedule, resulting in a savings of up to $40,000 dollars a year. Now Sigora is helping Wise County area residents save money with Solarize Wise.

“We at Sigora feel incredibly honored to be part of the Solarize Wise program,” said Jon Proffitt, director of business development and commercial sales for the Virginia-based company. “We’re excited to see the solar momentum build in and around this area of the state. There is a lot of potential for solar as a driver of economic development and consumer choice. Sigora has a tremendous amount of passion for helping our friends and neighbors transition to a clean energy lifestyle while saving money. We are eager to get started installing solar in in Southwest Virginia.”

Solarize Wise has deeper impacts than the personal benefits to homeowners. The Solar Workgroup is committed to creating local workforce opportunities including internships and apprenticeships. Sigora Solar shares those goals and is offering opportunities to some of the local students who are already being trained as solar industry professionals at Mountain Empire Community College.

In 2016, MECC was honored by the Virginia Community College System for the development of the mobile solar trailer known as SPARC-E, which stands for Solar-Powered Alternative Renewable Clean Energy. It’s a 5-kilowatt solar system built and designed by MECC students. Complete with battery storage capacity of 900 watts, SPARC-E brings electricity wherever it’s needed, providing the power source for medical services at the Wise County Rural Area Medical clinic or fun community events like a sound stage and bouncy house at the 2017 Southwest Virginia Solar Fair.

MECC Instructors Roger Greene and Bryce Shular are also on board with Solarize Wise and making inroads to create local jobs for their students. “The solar power installation courses we offer at MECC are designed with the intent of preparing our students for jobs in an industry that is taking hold in our region,” Greene says..” My hope and the hopes of the other faculty involved in this is that as solar power does becomes a viable option for employment in our area, we will already have an educated workforce capable of filling the need for professional installers. On the front end, I see projects like SPARC-E and Solarize Wise as the needed impetus for providing the public with access and a more clear understanding of solar power.”

As the energy economy evolves and solar continues to grow, Southwest Virginia needs to be ready, Graves says. Several counties in the area are pursuing the SolSmart Solar Ready certification to let businesses know Southwest Virginia welcomes them to open up shop. Nationwide, the solar industry now employs more people than oil, natural gas and coal industries combined, according to a 2017 study by the U.S. Department of Energy. Workforce development and certification training are crucial parts of Southwest Virginia’s economic goals.

Solarize Wise is a project of Appalachian Voices, the Wise County Cooperative Extension, the Wise Norton Chamber of Commerce, and People Inc.