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We stand together

A special message from Appalachian Voices Executive Director Tom Cormons on the 2016 elections.

(Photo by Serge Skiba)

(Photo by Serge Skiba)

Dear friends,

Today, more than ever, we need to stand together and support each other to defend the health of Appalachia’s communities, our irreplaceable natural heritage, and the future of the planet.

With determination, clear thinking, and smart strategy — all driven by our passion for this place we love and commitment to justice for our sisters and brothers across the region and beyond — we can do this, and more.

We know you are with us.

Over the years, we have made remarkable progress together, often under adverse circumstances — fighting mountaintop removal coal mining and behemoth coal plants, or cleaning up leaking, toxic coal ash impoundments. And we’re now spurring the right investments to diversify local economies and bring on job-creating clean energy alternatives.

Appalachia is a special place, with majestic mountains, beautiful forests and farmlands, and citizens who care deeply about each other and their home. As we now move forward facing new challenges, we will dig deeper and fight harder than ever. There is still much work to be done, but our collective passion and ever-expanding community will sustain us in the days ahead. I have never been more confident in our ability to accomplish great things.

Our members are our voice. We need you by our side.

On behalf of all of us at Appalachian Voices, thank you.


Appalachian Voices' Executive Director, Tom holds a degree in law from UCLA and has a life-long appreciation for Appalachia's mountains and culture. An avid hiker and whitewater rafter, his latest pleasure is in sharing with his kids a deep respect and appreciation of nature.


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