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Appalachian Voices congratulates BRE on launch of Energy SAVER Loan Program

Rory McIlmoil, Appalachian Voices Director of Energy Policy, (828) 262-1500,

Members of Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation (BRE) have a new way to pay for improving the energy efficiency of their homes thanks to BRE’s new Energy SAVER Loan Program. BRE provides electricity to more than 74,000 residents of all or parts of seven counties in western North Carolina.

Appalachian Voices has promoted an on-bill energy efficiency finance program through BRE for nearly two years, and has worked with the electric co-op, local organizations, residents and businesses towards developing such a program to help consumers pay the upfront costs of making energy-efficiency improvements to their home.

“Energy efficiency is the most readily available and easiest way to save energy and money. Plus, it makes our homes more comfortable and healthy, helps protect the environment and strengthens local economies. Unfortunately, many families can’t afford the upfront costs,” says Rory McIlmoil, energy policy director for Appalachian Voices, a nonprofit organization based in Boone. “We congratulate Blue Ridge Electric staff for the work they have put in to bring this program to fruition and we look forward to continue working with them to expand the program beyond the pilot phase.”

Energy efficiency improvements can reduce wasted energy and lower electric bills, and make homes healthier and more comfortable. As residents improve the efficiency of their homes, they’re also improving the community by helping to protect the environment and providing jobs to local businesses and contractors who perform the upgrades.

The new Energy SAVER Loan Program allows qualified BRE members to borrow up to $7,500 to make energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, air sealing and heating and cooling system upgrades. Borrowers will pay back the loan through a new monthly charge on their electric bill. BRE also announced the availability of rebates that can lower the cost of energy improvements and high efficiency appliances for all members.

The Energy SAVER Loan Program lays the groundwork for improving energy efficiency across the High Country region. “We know that thousands of Blue Ridge Electric members could potentially benefit from this program,” says Amber Moodie-Dyer, energy savings outreach coordinator with Appalachian Voices. “So this is a significant achievement and we commend Blue Ridge for continuing to show their commitment to their members and a dedication to supporting local economic development.”

Learn more about the Energy SAVER Loan Program.



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