Stand Up That Mountain: A Contemporary Tale of Conservation

By Brian Sewell

In the movement to end destructive mining practices that have made parts of Appalachia a sacrifice zone, stories of David versus Goliath proportions often emerge. In “Stand Up That Mountain,” Jay Erskine Leutze relates his own underdog tale in personal and powerful fashion.

It all began the day that Leutze received a phone call from a 14-year-old girl who told him that Belview Mountain, near her home in Avery County, N.C., was being dynamited to create a gravel quarry for nearby highway construction.

Leutze is a gifted storyteller and in “Stand Up That Mountain,” the characters — some unwavering in their quest to save Belview Mountain and others intent on its destruction — carry the story. This book will appeal to conservationists, activists and anyone interested in the underdog stories of Appalachia that may begin with a simple phone call asking for help.

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