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Appalachian Treasures on tour out West!

By Kate Finneran
Appalachian Voices National Field Coordinator, 2011-12

The Appalachian Treasures Tour is out West right now! Our own Lenny Kohm is out on the road in Arizona currently and headed to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Fullerton, and then Northern California! Click here for upcoming tour dates.

In order to bring the country together to protect the region from the ravages of mountaintop removal, we created the Appalachian Treasures slideshow, with images and voices from the region. Along with directly impacted residents, we travel with this presentation to key Congressional districts across the country to build a national base to gain support for the Clean Water Protection Act and the Appalachia Restoration Act. Along the way, we have traveled to over 20 states and talked to over 7,000 people directly.

Click here to listen to Lenny’s radio interview in Santa Fe!

Beverly Walkup joins us on tour in LA this month, hailing from Southern West Virginia where her community has been affected by mountaintop removal.

Beverly Walkup joins us on tour this weekend in Southern California to speak about how mountaintop removal has affected her community and what folks in Southern California can do to end it.

Is Appalachian Treasures coming to a venue near you? Check our schedule.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road!


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