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Tennesseans Launch Statewide Television Ad Campaign to Protect Our Mountains

Mountaintop Removal is Destroying Our Proud Mountains. Now TN is Fighting Back.

Advocates of the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act are raising the bar with a powerful new television ad asking Tennesseans to contact their state elected officials in support of the bill. The ad will be running statewide on Fox News, with heavy buys in strategically targeted legislative districts.

See the ad for the first time here:

If you live in Tennessee, call Governor Haslam (615-741-2001). He opposed mountaintop removal in the campaign. Tell him that now is the time to act to protect our mountains from mountaintop removal.

In addition please call your TN State Senator(1-800-449-8366) and ask them to support the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act.

The Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection act would eliminate high-elevation surface mining techniques – such as mountaintop removal – above 2,000 feet of elevation in the state of Tennessee. The legislature is expected to take the bill up later this session.

Raised on the banks of the Tennessee River, JW's work to create progress in his home state and throughout Appalachia has been featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, The Daily Kos and Grist. He served first as Appalachian Voices’ Legislative Associate and then Tennessee director until leaving to pursue a career in medicine in 2012.


  1. shannon miller says:

    please add to this post some note on how to support this effort financially, for those who want to help cause its showing to be as widespread as possible. I may have missed the credits, but i could not discover who made the ad or where money can be sent. thx

  2. Mike Eggleston says:

    Too bad we can’t get the governor of Va. To come out against strip mining in Virginia!

  3. jw says:

    We agree Mike! Our Virginia team is working hard in Southwester Virginia though to protect Ison Rock Ridge and the rest of that beautiful region. Its a shame Governor McDonnell has had his mind elsewhere.

    Shannon, that is very thoughtful of you. We really appreciate you and value your support. Please find a secure online donation form here, and please let me know if there are any issues.


  4. Jerry Roberts says:

    We were alerted the the dark lord of coal the ex ceo of Massey energy was awarded permits for a strip mine right above Chattanooga TN specifically above Dayton TN
    We heard he was kicked out of WV and has made a new home here
    Can you confirm this please ?

  5. jw says:

    Jerry, theres this:

    And its been reported that Massey’s former CEO now lives in Johnson City:

    Not sure about his connections to current or proposed mining in Rhea County.

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