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Senator Alexander (R-TN) Nails Bush Administration on Forest Sale

Fayetville Online has an editorial on the Forest Sale:

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee got off a good shot at the proposed national forest sell-off the other day: “It kind of reminds me of selling off the back 40 to pay the rent.”

The article also make the great point that since the National Forest are Federally owned lands, none of the money neccesarily goes back to the state or locality in which it is located. Its TERRIBLE all the way around.

Heres another picture of {encode=”” title=”Austin Hall”}and Lamar Alexander (who is quickly becoming a powerhouse Southern Senator on the environment.)
Austin was speaking with and thanking Senator Alexander on his work for Clean Air in Tennessee and the Appalachians.

We also covered the landsale here, here, and an alternative plan here




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