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A new policy group has been formed to look at ways to practice sustainable development in our region.
This is very exciting news! Go check it out!

From the Salisbury Post:

Sustainable development meets present needs while protecting the environment and resources for future generations, said Dr. John Wear, director of the Center for the Environment.

It hasn’t historically been in an important goal in the region, resulting in disappearing open space, shrinking tree canopy, increasing vehicle emissions and deteriorating air quality. But it should be, Wear said.

“We can develop in ways and patterns that don’t really diminish that heritage,” he said.

The article also says:

In the next two decades, environmental advocates expect 1.8 million people to move into the region and spur the development of an additional 342,000 acres of land.

…although Im not sure which “region” they are talking about.





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