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TVA vs. NC and the Environment

R. Neal at Facing South has an interesting post called TVA vs. NC and the Environment. He tries to defend TVA against accusations that they are any better or worse than NC utilities, and makes the argument (which I think is false) that NC hasn’t done their part.

Along with the usual puffery about what TVA is doing to fix the problem, Baxter goes on the offensive, saying that NC should clean up their own act. And, you won’t hear us say this very often, but he’s right. Duke Power and CPL are just as bad or worse than TVA.

He ignores the fact that in 2002 NC -with the support of the power companies – passed one of the strongest air laws in the country – the Clean Smokestacks Act.
He is quickly corrected, but it is an interesting read. And regional air pollution battles are an important thing to pay attention to.




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