2016 Webinar Series

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Improve the Efficiency of Your Home

This webinar took place on January 20, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Jennifer Alldredge

Jennifer Alldredge

Marcus Renner

Marcus Renner

Rory McIloil

Rory McIlmoil

Waste accounts for a significant percentage of the energy use in our homes and offices. Whether it is heat lost through uninsulated attics or old, inefficient refrigerators and water heaters, the average person ends up using — and paying for — far more energy than they intend to.

This waste adds up. The average home ends up using at least 20% more energy than is required to meet their electrical and heating needs. And in many cases this can be as high as 40-60%. This waste equates to hundreds of dollars in unnecessary energy costs each year.

Energy efficiency provides a way to use less energy without changing your lifestyle, because it reduces the amount of electricity wasted in our daily lives. And by using less electricity we can lower our utility costs, which will also result in fewer fossil fuels burned to produce that energy. These savings mean more money in your pocket and less pollution in our air and water!

Join our webinar, featuring a panel of experts, and find out more about what energy efficiency is and how it can help you lower your monthly bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Our speakers will provide practical tips for how you can increase the efficiency of your home or office and offer an in-depth discussion of why energy efficiency is important and what programs are available to help homeowners pay for these improvements. They will also be available to answer your questions in this live presentation!

Panelist Speakers:

  • Jennifer Alldredge is the Education Program Manager for the Alliance to Save Energy, a national coalition advocating energy efficiency as a solution to global energy needs.
  • Marcus Renner is owner and project manager of Conservation Pros, an Asheville-based business that specializes in providing energy efficiency and weatherization solutions for homeowners and businesses in western North Carolina.
  • Rory McIlmoil is the Energy Policy Director for Appalachian Voices, an environmental nonprofit focused on reducing the impact of coal in southern Appalachia and working toward a cleaner energy future.

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