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Great Film on the TVA Coal Ash Spill Disaster Two Years Later

Monday, November 8th, 2010 | Posted by | 1 Comment

In September, 2010 I traveled back to Harriman, Tennessee to meet the Blue Planet Expedition crew and our research partners at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute to tell the story of the TVA coal ash spill disaster two and half years after it happened. We spent a long day on the Emory River electroshocking fish and conducting interviews in the shadow of the Kingston coal fired power plant. The Expedition Blue Planet crew also traveled to the Savannah River Site D area in South Carolina to capture the impact of coal ash on amphibians. The film uses the TVA coal ash disaster as a lens through which to see the true cost of dirty coal on water, communities and our planet. Here is the remarkable and outstanding short film that resulted:

Great job Alexandra Cousteau, Ian Kellett, Anne Casselman, Ali Sanderson, Christoph Schwaiger, Michael Duff, Jonnie Morris, Oscar Durand, Sean Solowiej and the whole rest of the Blue Planet Expedition crew. This is the best film yet on the Kingston coal ash spill disaster.