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Appalachian Voices Celebrates Earth Day with Appalachian State University

Appalachian Voices celebrated this Earth Day at Appalachian State University in their annual Earth Day tabling event on campus. The event brought together students, faculty and community members to educate one another on how everyone can do their part to

Western NC Republicans want Outer Banks Drilling

From the WSJounal: A bill supported by four of the seven Republicans in North Carolina’s congressional delegation could open the Outer Banks to natural-gas exploration. Hmm…which co-sponsors do we have today? Charles Taylor, R-11th Patrick McHenry R-10th and Sue Myrick,

New Head of EPA, Accused of Manipulating Data, to be Confirmed Tommorrow?

[Thanks to kissingrock šŸ™‚ – jdub] Any Virginians out there reading? Senator John Warner needs to hear from us. And really, I donā€™t think it would be outrageous for anybody to call, from anywhere. Itā€™s not like the wind donā€™t

AmeriCorpsā€™ ā€œProject Conserveā€ helps Appalachian Voices restore our regions forests.

The Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy currently administers one of 16 AmeriCorps grants awarded in North Carolina in 2005. ā€œProject Conserveā€ is the only AmeriCorps project working toward conservation, and supports volunteers working on a variety of conservation activities. These include

Open Thread

Happy Spring! Here are some interesting links (Big thanks Benji!) :bug:The President has suspended environmental rules for oil companies. Gee…whats next? This won’t make gas cheaper or increase production. It will just make it easier for the gas companies to

Finding My Voice, Helping Others To Speak UN/MTR

…I rambled, oh yeah, then settled in the Appalachians, right on the edge of the Coal. The deep and the stripable both. 1973 or thereabouts. I hooked up with some of the early Appalshop folks. It was a wild and

Ron Rash: Appalachia Made Straight

[Jeff Biggers’latest book is “The United States of Appalachia: How Southern Mountaineers Brought Independence, Culture and Enlightenment to America.” Buy The United States of Appalachia from a local book store. And read reviews here, here, and here. I just picked

Kentucky Writers Speak Out Against Mountaintop Removal

Some of Kentucky’s well known writers, Wendell Berry, Bobbie Ann Mason, Mary Ann Taylor Hall and others writers spoke out against mountaintop removal at a community event at historic Union Church. They read excerpts from

Office of Surface Mining, Wrecklamation and Enforcement Proposes Weaker Revegetation Rules

On April 6, 2006–when they thought we weren’t looking–the US Office of Surface Mining, Wrecklamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) announced proposals to dramatically weaken revegetation rules for mountaintop removal mines (and other mines) in Tennessee. You can help stop these proposals!

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Three cheers for the ivory bill!! Playing stickball against these boys on saturday is why Im so sore today. (ouch!) Name that bridge… Happy Finals week! šŸ˜›