Issue 3: June 2007

A Week in Washington

On Sunday, May 13th, over 100 concerned citizens from 19 states took time out of their busy schedules to come together in Washington DC to learn more about mountaintop removal, and then how to lobby their members of Congress on

The Pines: The Good and the Bad

Jim Minick is a professor of English at Radford University and the author of Finding a Clear Path_, a collection of essays was published by West Virginia University press. Pine trees receive a large share of bad press in environmental

Voice Volunteers Make It Happen

Ever wonder what the main driving force is behind getting the Appalachian Voice to your local news rack? Literally, an all volunteer force drives its distribution, by helping to deliver papers to various locations. How does the Appalachian Voice get

Blair Mountain: New Archeological Data Heats up Mine Wars

Like his grandfather, Kenny King figured he just had to do something. Hallowed ground was about to be clearcut, bulldozed, and blasted down to rubble. The site of the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain battle between miners and coal

Alternatives to Styrofoam

Canyon’s Restaurant Sitting overlooking one of the most gorgeous mountain views in the Appalachians, Bart Conway, owner and manager of Canyon’s Restaurant in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is going vegetarian. No, he still serves (and eats) many delicious meat dishes,

Strange Bedfellows

The strangest bedfellows in West Virginia, the AFL-CIO / United Mine Workers union and the WV Chamber of Commerce, joined hands recently to write an article entitled “Economic cornerstone of W.Va. under attack.” They are strange bedfellows because the Chamber

Waste Dumps

Letter to the Editor, Time is running out to protect NC citizens from under regulated mega dumps being built in their back yards. “In the face of all out pressure from waste lobbyists, the North Carolina General Assembly listened instead

The Crooked Road

Climbing into the Cumberland Mountains, Virginia’s Heritage MusicTrail – “The Crooked Road” – comes to Clintwood and stops at a mighty mansion bearing the name of Ralph Stanley. A smoky-voiced singer, the 80-year-old Stanley is one of Southwest Virginia’s greatest

The Cascades of Appalachia

You can’t help but fall in love with The Cascades – or that special person who accompanied you on the two-mile hike getting there. The natural beauty of Little Stony Creek is so terrifically tantalizing that even folks who


Jobs? What mining jobs? That strange noise coming from Appalachia’s coal fields is the sound that the truth makes when it is being mercilessly twisted. In rallies and op-ed essays this spring, the “friends of coal” have focused on a

A Cautionary Tree Tale

In this story our victim is an 84-year-old widow who lives alone on 22 mountaintop acres in Tennessee. Our villain is a 30-something guy who talks a very good talk. And then we have a supporting cast consisting of

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