Speak up for a clean energy future in North Carolina!

North Carolina families deserve a state where they can breathe clean air, drink safe water and benefit from renewable energy. But for too long, companies like Duke Energy have profited while polluting our communities. It’s time for us to make North Carolina a leader in reducing pollution while building a modern energy system that doesn’t depend on dirty fossil fuels.

This year, North Carolina is working to develop its Carbon Plan, a roadmap for the state’s future energy. This important plan will influence how electricity is generated, the cost of electricity in years to come, and whether our state meets its emission reduction goals.

Unfortunately, the Carbon Plan that Duke Energy has proposed would favor investment in expensive new methane gas plants over clean energy. In fact, Duke proposed one of the largest methane gas build outs of any utility in the country. And Duke's plan fails to meet the target date for carbon emission reduction set by state law.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission held a series of five public hearings throughout North Carolina in April 2024. Appalachian Voices and our allies developed tools and resources to guide residents and advocates in speaking at the public hearing.

Written comments are still being accepted! Your voice is important. Ask for the Energy Future YOU want!

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Right now, North Carolina is developing its Carbon Plan, a roadmap for the state’s energy future that will influence how electricity is generated, the cost of electricity in years to come, and whether our state meets its pollution reduction goals.

You can share your thoughts on the Carbon Plan by submitting a written statement to the North Carolina Utility Commission, the regulatory body that will decide the direction of the final plan. The Commission considers written statements as part of their decision-making process.

Your written comment can be mailed to the Commission or submitted online.

  • Submit a comment on the NCUC website. Use Docket No. E 100 Sub 190.
  • Send in a comment by mail. Be sure to include Docket No. E 100 Sub 190. Mail your comments to 4325 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-4300

The final Carbon Plan is not decided yet, let’s work together to shape a better energy future for NC!

Questions? Email Naomi Albert, N.C. Field Coordinator, at naomi[at]appvoices.org

What is the Carbon Plan?

The Carbon Plan is the result of bipartisan legislation that requires the North Carolina Utilities Commission to develop a plan to reduce carbon emissions from the state’s electricity utilities. Passed in 2021, the law requires that the state take all reasonable steps to reduce carbon emissions from electric utilities 70% by 2030 and reaches carbon neutrality by 2050. The Carbon Plan is a roadmap for how the state will generate electricity and reduce its carbon emissions in the years to come.

The state is currently in the process of updating the Carbon Plan, which will be updated every two years. As part of the update process, the public has the opportunity to comment on the draft plan through public hearings.

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