Standing Up to TVA and Engaging Electric Co-op Members in Tennessee

Our Tennessee Energy Savings Team has been expanding our Electric Co-op Member Education Series throughout the Powell Valley Electric Cooperative service area. In early March, our team hosted a second workshop in Claiborne County, Tenn to inform members on special programs available to electric cooperatives, including inclusive financing programs for energy efficiency. At press time, the Tennessee team was preparing for additional “Member 101” meetings in Grainger and Union counties. These workshops aim to provide tools and support for members to get involved in the decision-making of their co-ops.

We’re also fighting TVA’s proposed changes to their rate structure, which would increase residents’ bills and negatively impact financing opportunities for solar and efficiency projects (read more). Our team is joining with SOCM, Volunteer Energy Cooperative and other local organizations to help generate public response to the rate structure prior to the comment period closing date of April 9. And we will continue working to keep the public involved in TVA’s rate structure process as the May TVA board meeting approaches.

For more information about getting involved in your electric cooperative or stopping TVA’s proposed rate changes, contact Tennessee Outreach Coordinator Bri Knisley at or (865) 291-0083.


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