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A publication of Appalachian Voices

Energy Report

FirstEnergy and Murray Energy Face Bankruptcy

The Murray Energy Corp. is in danger of bankruptcy if the federal government does not intervene to save their customer FirstEnergy Corp. The disclosure comes from a letter written by founder and CEO Robert Murray to the White House and was revealed by the Associated Press. Murray Energy sells approximately 65 million tons of fossil fuels a year to power plants operated by companies including FirstEnergy. If FirstEnergy announces bankruptcy and closes their plants as expected, Murray Energy could go bankrupt by the end of the year. — Otto Solberg

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  1. T H says:

    It is sad that so many coal miners actually supported the Administration that is killing their jobs. Then again, you get what you vote for, and for coal miners who refuse to face reality, they are getting it in spades. They had choices and they chose stupidly. No sympathy here.

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