NC Passes Controversial Solar and Wind Law

A new North Carolina law and executive order, which is being marketed by the governor’s office as a commitment to the state’s thriving solar and wind industries, is also being criticized by many advocates of renewable energy.

State Representative Tim Moore told news source Agri-Pulse that the law aims to protect ratepayers and modernize the state’s energy grid with a pro-growth approach. Citing the state’s large solar presence, Duke Energy pushed to allow for competitive bidding among solar developers.

The law also “opens the door for Duke Energy to attack net metering for rooftop solar customers,” Rita Leadem, assistant director of NC WARN, told Public News Service NC. Net metering allows solar customers to get credit for the surplus electricity they produce and add to the power grid for others to use.

The law contains an 18-month moratorium on issuing permits for wind energy. In signing the bill, Cooper also issued an executive order directing the state to expedite pre-application review and recruit future wind projects.

— KaLeigh Underwood


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