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E-nvironmental Kudos

Appalachian Voices was recently honored by E Magazine when we were included in the magazine’s “5 Ways to Honor Earth Day.” The number one idea from E was to “Join the Movement,” and E listed Appalachian Voices as one of their favorite causes, among such notables as 350.org, Heartwood, and the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Bottled Aid

Appalachian Voices’ Riverkeeper will be partnering with Keeper Springs Bottled Water to provide clean, safe drinking water in the Appalachian coalfields. Many coalfield residents must turn to bottled water as a result of contamination of their groundwater by coal processing. If water test results confirm your water is unsafe to drink, please contact Appalachian Voices to find out how to acquire clean drinking water.

Support From Beyond

Appalachian Voices receives $10,000 from the beyond! The Concerned Loved One’s and Lot Owners Association (CLOLA) was formed to prevent strip mining on land adjacent to a cemetery. The organization was dissolved after winning a settlement against a coal company, and they donated their winnings to benefit Appalachian Voices and other anti-strip mining organizations.

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