Appalachian Voice,
It is criminal to see the coal companies destroy the mountains for good. They all say they are providing jobs. They say they are doing it and benefiting the local citizens because there is not much flat ground. They have many reasons for destroying the land. I ask honestly how many jobs they provide to local people. I ask what good is this flat ground when they are done with it, its solid rock with a tint of dirt that erodes off with the next hard rain. They have not put in sewers or electricity for anyone. They continue to crack foundations of local citizens. I am fed up with seeing the mountaintop removal in Eastern Kentucky. This would not happen if it was in a wealthy part of the state. Can anyone imagine land being destroyed for good in Louisville or Lexington? It wouldn’t happen. The big difference is Eastern Kentucky is not a wealthy part of the state. What will be left after the land is ravaged? Does anyone care? Towns that have never flooded before are flooding because of it. Many homes were damaged severely by floods in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia last spring. The coal company’s response is that it was an act of God. Bull. God built the mountains. The coal companies flattened them, and dumped the top of the mountain in the valley. They will get justice some day I believe. You cannot treat people like that and get away with it. It is our responsibility to contact elected officials about this issue and hold them accountable. The Martin County, KY coal slurry spill fine was reduced to $5,600. Can you imagine a $5,600 fine for the worst environmental disaster in the Southeast? No wonder these guys are reckless. Remember we have elections for the little guy to get even with the big guy.

Gregg Wagner

To Appalachian Voices,
I wish I could give more, but am trying to live on Social Security. After reading your paper, I really want to help. I’m afraid one of these days the government will take our hard earned Social Security from us. We can’t draw our own money until we are almost dead now. I’ve always loved those Appalachian Mountains as far back as I can remember. I feel closer to God up there. The Bible tells us if this little old woman gave all she had, a penny — and in God’s Eyes she gave more than any one, so maybe this little old check of $15 will help you, as you are trying to help all of us — I pray God to bless this check. Thank you!! I found this paper in a box wrapped around some tools my friend sent to us. I really enjoyed reading it even though I got angry about things we have shoved on us.

Katie Marie Harrison
Westville, FL

PS — I am part Cherokee, so you know what it does to my heart to look at the pictures in your paper of all the destruction they are doing to the land God gave us to take care of not to destroy it.


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