Issue 4: June 2008

Appalachian Voices launches Most Endangered Mountains website

Appalachian Voices announced a major new addition to the Web site designed to highlight the stories of America’s Most Endangered Mountains with video and give activists the tools to help protect them. The new site launched in late May. For nearly two years, has raised awareness about the massive scale of destruction left […]

Appalachian Voices featured on RFK show

RING OF FIRE AIR AMERICA RADIO ROBERT F. KENNEDY AND MARY ANN HITT INTERVIEW MAY 27 FULL TEXT ANCR: We’re going to take a look at how Congress is trying to ban one of the most devastating environmental practices being conducted by corporate America. Mountaintop mining where they blow up more land mass than the […]

Faith community’s stewardship is inspiring

A couple of years ago a question posed by the Christian community was, “What would Jesus drive?” Well, if he were making that decision in our 2008 world, there’s a good chance he’d drive a Toyota Prius or another variety of hybrid. At least that’s what I deduced at the recent Conference on Faith, Spirituality, […]

Natural gas: Endangered species law bypass considered for pipelines

The pipelines are located primarily in Appalachia and central Ohio, but also include 17 states (See map page 12). The scale of the management program is unprecedented, and the permit would cover a half mile- corridor on either side of a pipe. The significance of the permit program is that while natural gas production booms […]

Dominion must change, citizens say

Several hundred citizens from Wise County and around Virginia rallied in early May to oppose a controversial coal fired power plant in Wise county. The message was not simply one of opposition. Speaker after speaker urged Dominion to change its policies and face the future. The rally was held in the shadow of the Dominion […]

Appalachian Mountains Preservation Act introduced in NC Legislature

MAY 27 RALEIGH, NC – Representative Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford) and Appalachian Voices announced the Appalachian Mountains Preservation Act, a bill to end the use of coal obtained from mountaintop removal mining – a controversial form of strip mining. If passed, North Carolina would be the first state in the nation to implement such legislation. “Right […]


Fighting for their Future By the van load, by bus, on foot, they came to Richmond Virginia to confront Dominion Power, one of the last great bastions of the old fossil regime. Under a gray sky they unfurled the mile-long petition, and shared their laughter, their music and their fears for the future. They were […]

Care of Creation …People of Diverse Faiths Gather at Center for the Environment at Catawba College

An evangelical Christian quoted a Hindu. A rabbi came to the table with an Episcopal priest. The cause that brought them together with 300 others from diverse faith traditions was a commitment to care for the environment. They gathered May 29 thru 31 at the Center for the Environment at Catawba College in Salisbury to […]

Natural gas - A new rush for Appalachia's supergiant Marsella gas field

A scramble to lease natural gas drilling rights is underway in Appalachia following the discovery of super-giant natural gas reserves more than a mile below the surface. “This has come out of the night like a freight train,” said Pennsylvania State University geoscientist Terry Engelder. The Appalachian gas reserves may exceed 500 trillion cubic feet […]

Wind plan advances in WV

The groups have been organizing support for the Coal River Mountain Wind Project since April. The groups include Coal River Mountain Watch, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Appalachian Voices and the Sierra Club, “The Coal River Wind Project is a clear choice between a clean renewable energy future and a dirty destructive threat to the […]

Appalachian Writers Coop honors poet Rita Riddle

Colleague, teacher, friend, poet, Rita Riddle made an art of nurturing community. After her death in the fall of 2006, one of these communities, the Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative (SAWC), decided to honor her by funding the publication of her last book of poetry, All There Is to Keep. Bob and Beto Cumming of Iris […]

Appalachian Trail Days celebrated in Damascus, VA

If you start at the southern end of the Appalachian Trail, say sometime around mid-March, you can walk northbound right along with the leading edge of the spring season, just as if you’d packed along some pixie dust to be sprinkled liberally on the budding flowers and leaves that line your path. Making reasonable progress […]

Tennessee students protest carbon capture plans

Climate change legislation, if it ever comes, should not include “clean coal research” said Tennessee activist groups, including Save Our Cumberland Mountains and Students Promoting Environmental Action in a protest this May. Instead of focusing on coal research, investments should be directed toward alternative, renewable energy technologies, the students said. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) […]