Support solar energy across Virginia!

The solar industry generated $157 million in investments in Virginia — and is poised to do much more! But our current solar policies are stifling economic opportunities across the Commonwealth.

The constraints especially hinder opportunities for communities on the frontlines of America’s shift away from fossil fuels who are most in need of money-saving energy alternatives.

All Virginians deserve fair access to affordable solar energy — homeowners, business owners, local governments, and nonprofits. It’s time for our legislators to stop protecting utility profits at the expense of local governments, small businesses, and residents across Virginia.

Act now to tell your legislators to vote YES on the following bills:

  • HB 572/SB 710 and HB 1647 — Expand fair access to solar for all Virginians by lifting restrictions on customer net-metering and expanding 3rd-party financing, a critical tool for reducing the cost of going solar.
  • SB 629 and HB 1634 — Create community solar programs that are available to all communities in Virginia.
  • Contact your elected officials