Fall 2023

People stand in a room with a whiteboard covering the wall behind them

Fraud Allegations in Ohio Public Lands Fracking Controversy

As Ohio moves forward with leasing public lands for oil and gas fracking, there are allegations that supporters filed fraudulent letters in favor of these leases — using real Ohioans’ identities without their consent.

Heavy equipment and vehicles are seen in a fenced off area of disturbed land next to a river.

Greenbrier River Watchdogs Alarmed as Mountain Valley Pipeline Drills

Local residents and water protectors are concerned about pollution and safety risks as boring for the Mountain Valley Pipeline begins beneath West Virginia’s Greenbrier River.

Fall 2023 - Columns

Endangered Tiny Tarantula Faces Habitat Loss

An endangered, tiny tarantula living in moss in the Appalachian Mountains is losing more of its habitat.

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A tan spider with dark markings on its back pulling a large, white egg sac behind it, is seen from a side angle

10 New Spider Species Discovered in Appalachia

Researchers have discovered 10 new spider species that have adapted to the subterranean habitat of Appalachian caves.

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Dried stalks and seed pods stand out against trees and a blue sky mottled by clouds.

Bewitched Botany

Discover the sinister beauty of four toxic plants that call the mystical Appalachian Mountains home: pokeweed, dolls’ eyes, climbing nightshade and jimsonweed.

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