Decades in the Making: A Mine Reclamation Backlog

Data collected by Kevin Ridder, graphics created by Cara Adeimy

Unfunded Abandoned Mine Land Problems Nationwide

There are 20,803 total Abandoned Mine Land problems that have yet to receive funding for cleanup — 14,608 in Central Appalachia alone. This map is based on publicly-available data on abandoned mine problems remaining that have not received funding, such as polluted water and underground mine fires. This does not represent all the abandoned mine lands in the United States, as the database is limited.

map of density of abandoned mine problems

bar graph of anticipated cleanup costs versus current aml balance

Follow the Abandoned Mine Money

This estimated economic impact for fiscal year 2017 encompasses the Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program and the Abandoned Mine Land Pilot Program. Source: OSMRE

estimated economic impact of AML funds in Appalachian states *These estimates assume that local workers were hired for the reclamation work.

timeline of the AML program


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