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Your Goode Deed of the Day

This fall, Appalachian Voices is excited to collaborate with a regional artist and a socially conscious website for an online art sale and fundraiser.

GoodeDeeds.com promotes art for charity by holding online gallery events. The site provides the opportunity for artists from around the world to display their artwork, and all of the profits are donated to a worthy cause.

In October and November, Appalachian Voices will be featured as a “Goode Deed of the Day” alongside Richmond, Va. artist Mary Nell Jackson, who donated artwork to benefit Appalachian Voices. Jackson specializes in abstract expressionist paintings and handmade, tin-glazed maiolica pottery, and sells her art in shows across the country.

The Goode Deeds online fundraising event will feature Jackson’s bold painting “Circus of Happiness.” Her work will be available in 11” x 14” prints as well as on recycled, biodegradable gift bags – both perfect for this holiday season! Businesses can support the event by purchasing 100 gift bags at a discounted rate, which includes the custom printed company (or family!) name. All of the profits from online sales will be donated to Appalachian Voices.

If you are looking for a splash of color for your home or a holiday gift and want to support a good cause, GoodeDeeds.com is the place for you. Be sure to check out the ad on page 19 of this issue or visit GoodeDeeds.com to find out how you can benefit our work and take home some great art!

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