Issue 5: November 2007

Tilly Wood: Beloved Hostess and Guardian of the Appalachian Trail

In summer, we would always travel the winding country roads past Pearisburg, Va., watching for the dog that chases us those last few feet of pavement, nudging past the cows on the washed out Forest Service road, navigating the ruts,

WV Council of Churches Statement on Mountaintop Removal

/images/AppalachianVoice/AVNov07/Dr.-Benedict-M.-Anover.gif September 11, 2007 As people of faith, called upon by our covenant with God and each other to safeguard and care deeply for what God has created, we cannot stand by while our mountains are being devastated. The destruction

Coalition Organizing to Fight Dominion Power Plant

CAMPAIGN AGAINST PROPOSED POWER PLANT AND HOW YOU CAN HELP Dominion Power, Virginia’s largest utility, wants to build a new 585 megawatt, $1.6 billion coal-fired power plant in Southwest Virginia’s Wise County. The new plant would be a major step

Across Appalachia: News Briefs

Clean Water Network Gives Wilma Dykeman River Hero Award KNOXVILLE, TN — The Tennessee Clean Water Network gave its Bill Russell River Hero Award to writer Wilma Dykeman this fall. The award honors “those who strive to protect, restore and

Christians for the Mountains: Spreading the Gospel of Stewardship

In the past, Christians and environmentalists often seemed to be in separate camps. Sometimes they were separated by stereotypes, even though most Christians believe in environmental stewardship and most environmentalists are devoutly spiritual. Allen Johnson, founder of Christians For The

Worlds Moral Compass Points to the South Again

Worlds Moral Compass Points to the South Again American Southerners are independent people — independent enough to stand for the truth, even if it means standing alone. A few weeks ago, Al Gore joined five other Southerners who have also

About Broccoli Batiks: Artist Statement by Berkely Brown

Dreams! Everyone has dreams about how they want their life to be. When we follow our passions and work towards those dreams, our world is rich with enthusiasm, creativity, and drive My dream to become a batik artist began in

West Virginia's Vulnerable Isolated Wetlands

/images/AppalachianVoice/AVNov07/Michele-Sabatier_circ.gif West Virginia, for those that have never been there, is deserving of its famous description. Indeed, the Mountain State is wild and wonderful, with varied terrain, unique habitats and pristine streams. A particularly remarkable area is the high elevation

Cabinet Manufacturer Bets on Formaldehyde-Free Wood

Having grown up downwind of several major paper and chemical plants, I approached Columbia Forest Products’ Old Fort NC plant with nothing short of a crinkled-nose expectation of breaking the record for how long a journalist could hold her breath

Robert F. Kennedy Joins Appalachian Voices to Celebrate 10th Anniversary and Launch Watauga Riverkee

At a gala event in Blowing Rock, NC, on October 7, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., joined Appalachian Voices to celebrate the organization’s 10th anniversary and announce a new RIVERKEEPER® program to protect the upper Watauga River. Kennedy is a leading

Hiking the Highlands: Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields may not sound scenic, but don’t let the name fool you. This stop along the North Carolina portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway offers not only a chance to splash in a couple of waterfalls. It is also

The Roots of Appalachian Christmas Traditions

/images/AppalachianVoice/AVNov07/helga_kvam_circ.gif The first European settlers in Appalachia brought their Christmas traditions to the new world, right along with their hammer dulcimers and their scotch whiskey, from the highlands of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. Some of these traditions have gone

Appalachian Christmas: Reccomended Books and DVDs

WHEN MINERS MARCH is the incredible story of the battles to bring the UMWA and the American Constitution to the West Virginia coal fields. Written back in ‘52 when Blair Mountain hero Bill Blizzard was still alive, this work by