Issue 4: September 2004

Now it's your Turn

For nearly a decade, now, the Appalachian Voice has presented stories on the many facets of life here in the Appalachian region. We have written about fishing, hiking, skiing, hunting, and many other recreational and cultural opportunities that we are

Paradise Protected

Passing by the road to Raven Ridge, high in the Clinch Mountains of Virginia, it is hard to believe that this steep, winding route was the focal point of a battle that raged up and down the mountain for

Letters from Readers

Dear Appalachian Voice, I recently read the Washington Post article about the Bush administration and mountaintop removal (“Appalachia is Paying Price for White House Rule Change”). The article states that coal “industry executives argued that increased coal production could even

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Announces Enviromental Policy

On Earth Day (April 22) 2004, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville announced the adoption of its environmental policy. According to the administration, the goal of the policy is to “establish the Knoxville campus as a model of environmental stewardship.” The Environmental

Catching Summer in a Mason Jar

The ripe ear of corn came off in Eula’s hand with a rubbery squeak. “I must’ve missed one,” she said, raising her eyes to survey the garden-acre. After thinking about it for a minute she concluded, “My bucket must’ve

For Our Members

Brenda Huggins, Awarded Outstanding Volunteer in Watauga County Appalachian Voices would like to congratulate and thank Brenda Huggins for her dedication and service. She has been honored by the State of North Carolina as an Outstanding Volunteer in Watauga County.

The New River

“Hey Jeffrey, take a look at that water – is it fishable?” asked Judson, not taking his eyes off the narrow, winding and fog-covered road ahead. “Looks a little dingy, but it’s not a mud ball,” answered Jeffrey. “I’m not

The Garment of God

I once sat on a cement step leading to a sidewalk and watched an ant carry a tiny straw on its back. It came to a crevice between the cement slabs and had no means of getting across with the

Crafting Development

Artists and artisans need inspiration as much as instruction, maybe more. And, though Penland School of Arts and Crafts’ instruction is renowned, its setting is equally as extraordinary. Each year, 1,200 students make their way to remote Penland, nestled

Southern Universities Go Green

As college students across the South return to classes this fall, many are gearing up for major campaigns aimed at making their campuses more sustainable. From energy conservation to paper purchasing, students are demanding that their universities, many of

White-tailed Deer

Anyone with a farm, garden, or landscaped lawn is probably aware of the exploding population of white-tailed deer. Their browsing eating habits result in millions of dollars worth of damage to crops, vegetables, and ornamental plants. In one state, the

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