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New Coalition Aims to Reform Energy Policy in Virginia

Tom Cormons gives speech

Tom Cormons speaks at the launch of the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition. Photo by Jimmy Davidson

On May 7, Appalachian Voices and eight other organizations representing a wide range of public policy ideologies introduced the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition. The unprecedented coalition is united to reform Virginia’s energy market, which currently benefits utility companies at the expense of ratepayers and the environment.

“The status quo is carefully designed to line the pockets of the government-protected utility monopolies who have been calling the shots,” said Tom Cormons, Executive Director of Appalachian Voices. “Now citizens are demanding a system that puts consumers and local economies first by allowing small, clean energy businesses to compete in the marketplace on a level playing field.”

VERC’s policy goals are intended to lower prices and increase choices for ratepayers while improving the environment. These reforms include establishing a well-designed competitive retail electricity market, an independent grid operator and streamlined, uniform interconnection standards. Additionally, VERC aims to create a low-income bill assistance and weatherization program and ensure that ratepayers are informed about what services are available.

“Today’s energy market should be a place of cooperation and innovation, not privilege and political influence,” said Virginia Institute for Public Policy President Lynn Taylor. “This is what’s best for Virginia’s electricity consumer and this is exactly what the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition hopes to achieve.”

In addition to Appalachian Voices, members of the coalition include Clean Virginia, Earth Stewardship Alliance, FreedomWorks, Piedmont Environmental Council, R Street Institute, Reason Foundation, Virginia Institute for Public Policy and the Virginia Poverty Law Center.

To learn more about the coalition, visit virginiaenergyreform.org, and read our letter from Tom Cormons here.

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