Objecting to Duke’s Proposed Rate Hikes

We joined hundreds of Duke Energy Progress customers to say no to Duke’s outrageous proposed 16.7 percent residential rate hike in North Carolina.

The rate hike would cover the state and federally mandated cleanup of coal ash at Duke’s sites across North Carolina, as well as the $636 million sunk into a canceled South Carolina nuclear plant and the proposed $5 billion fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The increase would go into effect next spring if approved.

“These rate hikes would disproportionately affect low and fixed income ratepayers who use less power by increasing the cost just to connect to the grid, as well as ratepayers who have invested in energy efficiency and renewables,” says North Carolina Field Coordinator Ridge Graham.

Five hearings for Duke Energy Progress were held this fall. Hearings for the same rate increases for Duke Energy Carolinas will occur in January 2018.


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