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Addressing the Issue of Fracking and Pipelines

A gasfield in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of Terry Wild Stock Photography

A gasfield in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of Terry Wild Stock Photography

The rapid expansion of a natural gas drilling method called “fracking” poses a serious risk to human health and the environment in numerous U.S. states and threatens to derail the movement to shift the country to cleaner energy sources.

We recently launched a new section on our website that highlights these issues and focuses on the emerging threat of fracking in North Carolina and Virginia.

In 2014, North Carolina lifted a long-standing moratorium on fracking and began paving the way for drilling on untapped pockets of natural gas in the state, and set weak regulations that offer inadequate protection to nearby communities. And in Virginia, three massive natural gas pipelines are being proposed that could threaten private property, water resources and historic and natural heritage sites.

Appalachian Voices is teaming up with citizens and local, state and national groups to oppose expansion of natural gas drilling and infrastructure in these states. To learn more, visit appvoices.org/fracking.

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