Appalachian Voices Volunteer and Intern Update

Appalachian Voices’ volunteers and interns accomplished some amazing things in the last two months. We had 77 volunteers and interns working over 1200 hours for our Clean Air Campaign, Mountaintop Removal Campaign, the Appalachian Voice, and our Sustainable Forestry Program. Without the assistance of our volunteers and interns we could not accomplish as much to protect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Appalachians.

Many thanks to the following for the dedicated work: Blake Atchison, Rebecca Barger, Lauren Benningfield, Jane Branham, Lucas Brown, James Crew, Danielle Crouse, Joslynn Cruthfield, Riley Dickey, Jade Doolan, Leslie Harbourt, Anna Heimiermann, Anita Henson, Annie Hostetter, Adam Johnson, Ashlee Lafferty, Matt Long, Jenni Meyer, Sara Mills, Will Moyer, Abby Pifer, Mary Rogers, Jeff Deal, Jason Sain, Anna Santo, Iren Seiler, Olivia Simeone, Jessica Spears, Bevin Tighe, Adam Wells, Gail Marney, Dennis Murphy, Ray Vaughan, Lowell Dodge, David Payne, Dr. Emanuel Mornings, James Randolph, Dean Whitworth, Dave Gilliam, Gabrielle Zeiger, Steve Brooks, Dave Muhley, Donna Muhley, Ed Clark, Helen Clark, Jim Shumate, Tammy Belinsky, Jere Bidwell, Jennifer Stertzer, Kim Greene McClure, Brenda Huggins, Larry Huggins, Dr. Richard Roth, Annette Watson, John Peine, Detta Davis, Kirsty Zahnke, Bill Wasserman, Beth Davies, Elizabeth Vines, Gerry Scardo, Joe Scardo, Jennifer Honeycutt, Jim Dentinger, Catherine Murray, Frances Lambert, Ruth Gutierrez, Carol Rollman, Charlie Bowles, Kathleen Colburn, Linda Milt, Shay Clanton, Annie Malone, Chris Chanlett, Avi Askey, Allen Johnson, Tony Brown, Margaret Roy, Bonnie Aker, Tom Cook, Beth Dixon, Harvard Ayers, Charlie Bowles, Jep Jonson, New River RHA Volunteers, Derrick Blaylock, Steve Moeller, Mike McKinney

We can always use more help. If you are interested in becoming an intern or volunteer, check out our volunteer and internship page on the web at

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