Action Alert! Help Stop Rollbacks of Clean Air Laws

As the 109th Congress launches its session, the administration in Washington is clearly determined to advance new air pollution laws that will undermine the existing Clean Air Act. Their first attempt comes in the form of the Clear Skies Act, a bill with a misleading name that would actually allow more air pollution and delay clean up of our oldest coal fired power plants.

As this paper goes to press, a Senate committee is scheduled to vote on Clear Skies, but the administration has vowed that it will advance the components of the bill piece by piece if necessary, regardless of the outcome of the committee vote. No matter what happens to Clear Skies, the people of our region will need to remain vigilant over the next two years to keep our clean air protections in place.

These rollbacks are bad news for the Appalachian Mountains, home to some of the worst air pollution in the nation. Clear Skies would lead to more air pollution in a region that already sees thousands of premature deaths due to air pollution. It would also undermine the North Carolina Clean Smokestacks Act, one of the strongest clean air laws in the nation.

The fight for our clean air laws will be won or lost in the US Senate, so please contact your senators and let them know you oppose any weakening of our clean air laws. They have facts and figures at their fingertips – it is more important to let them know why YOU care about clean air. It is especially important for North Carolina residents to contact their Senators. Call, write, or email them today at the congressional switchboard: 1-202-224-3121, or write them at:

The Honorable [name of Senator] Washington DC, 20510

For more information about Clear Skies and help in writing your letter, go to, or call toll-free, 1-877-APP-VOICE.


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