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Did any of you regular readers of the Appalachian Voice ever wonder how a small non-profit group is able to put out 70,000 free newspapers every 2 months and distribute them out to six states? Unlike many for-profit publications that have large staffs and the ability to pay distributors, the Appalachian Voice is put together on a shoestring budget and we rely almost entirely on a regional network of volunteers to distribute the Voice across the region.

The volunteers listed on the facing page spend a lot of time and go far out of their way to distribute each issue of the Appalachian Voice because they share in our mission of spreading hope, empowerment and pride in our Appalachian heritage to communities large and small across the mountains. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those volunteers for their dedication – you are an essential part of the Voice!
The problem is, we need a lot more of you. If you value the Appalachian Voice, believe in our mission, or would like to see your neighbors have access to the Voice, we welcome you to become part of our distribution team.

But distributing is not the only way to get involved. The Appalachian Voice is almost entirely paid for by the contributions of thousands of members, as well as by revenue from businesses that choose to advertise with us. If you own a business, then advertising is a great way to support the Voice, and if you can afford it, becoming a member of Appalachian Voices not only helps finance the paper, but it also helps our staff conduct some of the most important grassroots conservation campaigns in the Appalachian region.

We hope you will join us in this important endeavor. We hope you will become part of the “Voice”.

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