Dear Appalachian Voice,
I read with interest your article on Coyotes head East, (Appalachian Voice, Winter 2003).
In Central New York State we have been dealing with the coyote, and problems attendant for several years. The coyotes are prevalent in most of New York State.
I know from reading Henry Hooker’s book Fox,Fin and Feather, that the Hillsboro Hounds near Nashville have been hunting coyotes for several years. MFH Hooker states in his book that the local male coyotes should put up a monument to him(Hooker) as the more the hounds chase the coyotes the more young the female coyote produces!
Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that death by: guns,cars, traps, and poison are only going to stimulate the females left to replace the numbers killed. Notice I did not mention being chased by fox hounds as the MFH of North America have decreed that Hunts are not to kill the prey chased.
I realize that your paper is devoted to the southern Appalachians……however some of us northerners do live in the Appalachian foot hills of NYS and we read.
Mary Verbeck Pomeroy,
Resident of the hamlet of South New Berlin, NY

Dear Appalachian Voice,
Your article on High Country festivals has a glaring omission. No mention is made of the newest and best festival in the area, the Floyd World Music Festival or Floydfest. Floydfest has the best of many kinds of exciting music from traditional mountain music to music from Africa, Asia and Europe. The entire program is organized and run by a community nonprofit organization with many of the proceeds going to support a variety of local nonprofit agencies and causes. Come visit Floydfest this year on August 13 through 15 and you will immediately understand what I am saying; this event is the best of the best.

Jack Wall

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