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In the weeks ahead, the Appalachian Voices Business League will welcome its 1,000th member. Made up of small businesses from throughout the southern mountains, the Business League was formed by Appalachian Voices in 2002 to provide a unified voice for businesses that support conservation in the region. It has grown exponentially to become one of the largest pro-environment business groups in the nation, and now includes businesses from throughout the southern mountains and beyond.

Many of the businesses were signed up by Appalachian Voices organizer Mike Cherin, who travels constantly throughout the region visiting businesses and enlisting their support. Mike is a firm believer in the importance of old-fashioned front porch democracy in ensuring that communities have a voice in the important environmental decisions facing our region.

“Everywhere I go, business owners are concerned about issues like air pollution and the impact of environmental problems on their bottom line,” Cherin says. “These businesses realize that a healthy environment is good for business, and they’re happy to support Appalachian Voices’ efforts to safeguard the air, water, and forests that make this region such a great place to live and visit.”

Members of the Appalachian Voices Business League receive a number of benefits, including recognition in the Appalachian Voice newspaper and on Appalachian Voices’ website. They frequently sign letters to decision makers, weighing in on important environmental issues such as mercury contamination. Last year, members of the Business League went to Washington, DC, to talk to members of Congress about the impact of air pollution on their businesses.

Appalachian Voices’ executive director Mary Anne Hitt says, “The wonderful quality of life here in the Appalachian Mountains brings billions of dollars to our region every year, and these businesses realize that their economic well-being is intimately tied to the health of our environment.”

Hitt continues, “We look forward to welcoming our 1,000th business member, and we are grateful to all our business members for being such an effective voice for the mountains.”

Businesses interested in joining the Appalachian Voices Business League can contact Appalachian Voices at 877-APP-VOIC or

In Memorium Appalachian Voices gratefully acknowledges a memorial contribution in loving memory of Arthur Preston from an anonymous donor.


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