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Continuing the Fight Against Pipelines

Despite some recent permit approvals for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines, the pipeline resistance is going strong. Now that the pipelines have received conditional notices to proceed with some tree cutting from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, developers are doing everything in their power — and outside of it — to pressure landowners and cut trees, even in instances where they don’t have easements.

The pipeline developers are also attempting to condemn landowners who haven’t signed over easements even though numerous approvals and permits are still pending on each pipeline. Pipeline resistors are currently working hard to support directly impacted landowners, prevent illegal tree cutting operations, and monitor the pipeline route so we can report any violations as quickly as possible.

We are also working with numerous groups to support and pass bills that protect Virginia landowners from unwanted surveying, and ensure a thorough and transparent water quality review process for interstate pipelines. The fight continues on many fronts!

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